Saturday, October 2, 2010

Killers (Robert Luketic, 2010) PG-13

With the exception of 21 (2008), Robert Luketic’s career is built upon romantic comedies.  While the title may lead you to believe otherwise, Killers is first and foremost a romantic comedy, and on a secondary level, an action film. Robert Luketic may have several rom-coms under his belt, but that does not guarantee a good movie.

An insecure robot, er, woman meets a hunk while on vacation and they get married. Three years into the marriage a hit contract is placed upon the husband’s head, which leads the wife to discover that the man she married can kill with more than his good looks.

Ashton Kutcher (Spread) plays Spencer Aimes, the deadly-yet-charming contract killer who falls for Jen Kornfeldt, played by Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up). Joining the duo, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone) and Catherine O’Hara (Where The Wild Things Are) as Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeldt, respectively. I liked Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect, but can’t say that he has what it takes to pull off a witty assassin. Kutcher’s performance outshines Katherine Heigl’s by far. Katherine Heigl’s portrayal of Jen Kornfeldt feels like it would be something acting students would watch in a class called, “How not to act on camera.” Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara are alright as the parents and in-laws; nothing to write home about on the acting front.

It’s easy to blame the actors, but the real blame rests with the writers. The concept of Killers is not that original, which could be overlooked if it played off of strong characters, strong dialogue, and interesting obstacles. Killers is a movie you might watch to appease your wife or girlfriend, but it is not something you will want to buy or watch ever again. If you like the concept, check out Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Doug Liman, 2005).

Rating: 4/10

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